Thursday, May 20, 2010

With out getting into much detail Gabe had to have surgery for basically a hernia that he was born with. It wasn't harmful a this time but could be in the future. It was an out patient surgery, besides Gabe screaming every time a doctor touched him everything went well. I had to go with him into the surgery room and hold him while they put him under. It was hard to see him so scared but I knew it was for the best. The whole time we were there he wanted to be held by either me or Ryan. Look at him in his baby scrubs!

This is right after he came out of being under. He was so out of it. He is awake in the picture and talking but he kept his eyes closed. I am so grateful for Dr. Kim who preformed the surgery. He did a wonderful job and took care of our little boy. It is amazing and a blessing the things dr can do now.
After we got home, he was not himself that entire day. He just wanted to be held. At one point he climbed up on the couch next to Ryan and laid next to him. However the next day he woke up happy running around, jumping off things, you would never know he had surgery.

Easter 2010
This Easter was so fun because he was old enough to be a part of the Easter egg hunt. I had Easter egg hunts around our house for like a month before Easter and loved it. It now a month after and some days we still do egg hunts. Anything to entertain! These pictures are of the Egg hunt we had with our ward. He does not have a cute basket because the kids were only allowed to take home 12 eggs each and I knew that if I had a carton that could only hold 12 eggs I would not have a screaming child wondering why he could not find more eggs. Once he filled it he was so excited and lets admit I was too.

Quick funny story..... I have this huge plant in our living room and Gabe loves to run behind it and hide from us. One day he is running toward it and stops. He turns to me and says "scared!!" I said, "Why are you scared?" He then says "eyes" and points to the plant. I took a picture of what he was seeing. On the trunk of my plant the oval shapes with a dot look like eyes and now he thinks my plant eyes are spooky.

Gabriels new sleeping habits. Gabe is a sleeper, he LOVES to sleep, which is wonderful for us of course. Latley he has been getting out of his bed to play and then falls asleep where ever he is
one night we found him asleep on the floor of our room....
And his favorite is in this little chair in his room. If he has trouble falling asleep he gets in the chair and watches the cars go by and always falls asleep there.


Gabe LOVES to play get you with his dad. The second dad walks Gabe is ready for him to play with him. I absolutely love this first picture although the real thing is much better to witness, I love my boys so much.

Seeing little things like this around my house makes me giggle. I find trains made out of all kinds of things. I never thought there could be a train pulled by an air plane with cars of a bus, ice cream truck and ambulance :)

One night while Aunt Rachel was over we sat down to play a card game. Gabe pulled up a chair and we gave him some extra cards. It was so cute to see him attempt to shuffle, place and hold his cards just like we did. He sure thought he was playing right along with us. I can't wait (well I can) for him to be old enough to really play with us that will be good times.


Just me and my buddy went into dc to look at the cherry blossoms. It was more fun then I thought. Just walking around the city on a beautiful day and seeing gabes reaction to all the big and cool things to look at was a memory I will never forget. As soon as he saw the Washington Monument he started yelling look mama TOWER!!!! Which he has learned from building block towers :) so cute!!! He walked right up to it and just touched it with one finger and I was so glad a got a picture of it. He was in AWWW at how big it was. What a fun day!!!!

Gabe loves to play with trains and this is just one of the many railroads that have been built in this house.
He LOVES to paint. I try to have craft time every day. When ever I ask him what he wants to do he always says paint, but given how messy he gets it is rarely chosen.

He now has learned what a smile is. When we say smile he will!!!!! Such a small thing but so nice. He loves to say cheese and smile for the camera. One day we were all at the dinner table and he threw something so of course Ryan and I got after him and we were looking at him with dirty looks and Gabe looks at us and simply says SMILE. That cracked our faces and we could not help but smile and laugh.

He likes to take pictures too!

We had a little party for him. It was really fun to have people over now that we have room to fit people.

I don't think I have ever made cupcakes before and I was very proud of these. I felt like I was officially a mom after making cupcakes for my sons birthday party

Happy birthday Gabriel I love you so much!!!!


snow at our front door

After being in our house for 2 days straight with it constantly snowing outside, we are dressed and ready to go out and play in it!!!

the snow was taller then Gabe in most parts

on our deck
this is what our deck looked like after Ryan had been out shoveling for a long time. And there is more to go

By the time we had shoveled the deck, sidewalks and one car we were done, the other car was not dug out for a couple more days

In all it was a fun experience. It is nice to be trapped in doors with you family for three days.
Chris and Brindy could not make it for Christmas so they came early in Dec. It was so fun to see them and to spend time with little Lydia. Gabe and Lydia had fun playing together although sadly Gabe, most of the time, acted like a typical boy, oblivious to all the attention she wanted from him.

I got to babysit Lydia one day and I had so much fun!!! I wish I could do it all the time, she loved my bucket full of my necklaces.

Grandma and Grandpa took us on a TRAIN ride. I wish like crazy I had taken more pictures, I was so caught up in the event and absorbing Gabe's excitement I neglected to. It was really FUN!!!

The best when someone takes a picture while your eating :)

This is what our apartment looked like during Christmas, these boxes are just the beginning, the pile got 10 times bigger. Gabe thought it was a blast having what he thought a fort and place to drive his cars around!
Decorating for the Holiday's. There is nothing like coming home for Christmas seeing all the old decorations you remember from your childhood. I was over at my parents hanging out and my dad was out side putting lights up. I remember my dad going out every year and putting the lights up and some years I would help him. I loved my childhood, I love my dad and I love the Christmas season that brings family together.
The Riches and Justin and Jenny were all able to come for Christmas. We had such a good time. Again I am not much a photographer and I did not capture all of my wonderful memories, but in this picture...grandpa got all the kids together and they poured juice to Ice cube trays and made home made Popsicles. Now of course you have to wait until they are frozen before you eat them. Those kids were so anxious to eat them. They asked us every 5 min it seemed if they were ready yet and it was quite an event when they were ready to be eaten. Here they all are enjoying their popsicles with grandpa.