Thursday, May 20, 2010


Gabe LOVES to play get you with his dad. The second dad walks Gabe is ready for him to play with him. I absolutely love this first picture although the real thing is much better to witness, I love my boys so much.

Seeing little things like this around my house makes me giggle. I find trains made out of all kinds of things. I never thought there could be a train pulled by an air plane with cars of a bus, ice cream truck and ambulance :)

One night while Aunt Rachel was over we sat down to play a card game. Gabe pulled up a chair and we gave him some extra cards. It was so cute to see him attempt to shuffle, place and hold his cards just like we did. He sure thought he was playing right along with us. I can't wait (well I can) for him to be old enough to really play with us that will be good times.


Just me and my buddy went into dc to look at the cherry blossoms. It was more fun then I thought. Just walking around the city on a beautiful day and seeing gabes reaction to all the big and cool things to look at was a memory I will never forget. As soon as he saw the Washington Monument he started yelling look mama TOWER!!!! Which he has learned from building block towers :) so cute!!! He walked right up to it and just touched it with one finger and I was so glad a got a picture of it. He was in AWWW at how big it was. What a fun day!!!!

Gabe loves to play with trains and this is just one of the many railroads that have been built in this house.
He LOVES to paint. I try to have craft time every day. When ever I ask him what he wants to do he always says paint, but given how messy he gets it is rarely chosen.

He now has learned what a smile is. When we say smile he will!!!!! Such a small thing but so nice. He loves to say cheese and smile for the camera. One day we were all at the dinner table and he threw something so of course Ryan and I got after him and we were looking at him with dirty looks and Gabe looks at us and simply says SMILE. That cracked our faces and we could not help but smile and laugh.

He likes to take pictures too!

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Brent and Ashley said...

I LOVE all of your posts! And I love your little boy! One day we are going to have to get Keagan and Gabe together and they will be best friends! And I love you! You are looking quite hot and I love the dark long hair... is it real or is it extensions? The Nicolette that I remember could never be patient enough to grow her hair out!! haha! I love it!!!