Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Trunk or Treat
We all (including my mom and dad) went as pirates and had a blast. I have a huge old trunk that we put in the back of the Excursion and filled it with treasures. We won the best effects award.
Gabriel was not interested in candy at all, he was just so excited about playing with other kids and running around everywhere. I had a hard time pinning him down for pictures.


Fall Day Trips

Another trip to the Zoo. We blessed to live near the National Zoo which is free. So we have taken Gabe a lot. The older he gets the more enjoyable it is. He knows the names and sounds of quite a few animals and it was fun to see his excitement.

We went to Cox Farm which has a Fall Festival that had so much fun things to do, such as milk cows, feed goats and pigs, and go on a hay ride. We went with Aunt Brittany and cousin Hallie.

Gabriel had a blast painting his pumpkin and everything else.

We were able to go on a wonderful date thanks to my wonderful parents. We went to the new National Harbor, which was amazing. We decided to eat at this Crab Bake set up on the beach of the Potomac. Neither of us had ever been to a Crab Bake before and when we saw the sign saying all you could eat crab we assumed it was crab legs. Many of you know how my appetite can easily be taken away especially when eating once living creatures. Well they come to our table and dump a huge bucket of FULL CRABS somewhere around 30 crabs! Ryan looks at me and knows I will not eat these. So Ryan ate all the crabs!!!!!! I was very impressed and I tried to get our money worth out of eating bowl after bowl of clam chowder. We had a good time and will never forget our crab feast.

(the crab on the right stared at me the entire time it was creepy)

The Great Awakening Statue on National Harbor

Gabe had just gotten out of bed and his hair was everywhere. As soon as he hears the truck coming on Tues mornings, I hear him in his crib calling for me to get him out so he can run to the window

Just us around the house. Gabriel is such a good helper and tries to do everything we do. He loves to help cook, do the dishes, and laundry. As soon as he hears the the water start running in the washing machine he runs in to put the soap in. Just tonight Ryan and I were in the kitchen, Gabe comes in casually and gets the towel on the stove a walks out. So we follow him to the next room, where he had spilled a cup of water and was cleaning it up. Ryan and I got a good laugh out of it.