Monday, March 8, 2010

To all those that keep asking me to show pictures of my house... here it is. We are all moved in and we are loving it so much. Gabe has been so happy having space to run around. Thank you so much to all my family and Lauren who helped me paint. It was a big job and I appreciate it.

And this is my kitchen which sold me on this house.

So I have to point out the flowers on the desk. I was terribly sick this past weekend and Ryan ran to the store and got me medicine food and flowers. He took very good care of me. I love him.

Sad but I did fill all these cabinets mostly with craft stuff, I love it!

This is the couch we bought, we got a great deal from good old Costco.

My bedroom which I was a little nervous after I painted it blue but now love it.

So I refinished this dresser and the cedar chest and it was a big project, but worth it.

This is the chandelier in the guest bedroom, Justin took all the bright orange beads and gaudy stuff off of it and it looks so much better, thanks Justin. We painted it a really nice green color you can't really see the color in the picture. Good-bye yellow and white stripes. Some day we will get a real bed in here.

Gabriel's room. As you can see he is now in a little bed. He is growing up so much. He is talking like crazy and loves to point out any letter and color he can see.