Thursday, May 20, 2010

Quick funny story..... I have this huge plant in our living room and Gabe loves to run behind it and hide from us. One day he is running toward it and stops. He turns to me and says "scared!!" I said, "Why are you scared?" He then says "eyes" and points to the plant. I took a picture of what he was seeing. On the trunk of my plant the oval shapes with a dot look like eyes and now he thinks my plant eyes are spooky.

Gabriels new sleeping habits. Gabe is a sleeper, he LOVES to sleep, which is wonderful for us of course. Latley he has been getting out of his bed to play and then falls asleep where ever he is
one night we found him asleep on the floor of our room....
And his favorite is in this little chair in his room. If he has trouble falling asleep he gets in the chair and watches the cars go by and always falls asleep there.


Chris and Brindy said...

Thats so funny about him sleeping all over. And I'm glad that your son reaffirms that eyes are scary...miss "I see some eyes..." !!

angie and tyler said...

These sleeping pictures are awesome. such a fun story to tell when hes all grown up.