Thursday, May 20, 2010

With out getting into much detail Gabe had to have surgery for basically a hernia that he was born with. It wasn't harmful a this time but could be in the future. It was an out patient surgery, besides Gabe screaming every time a doctor touched him everything went well. I had to go with him into the surgery room and hold him while they put him under. It was hard to see him so scared but I knew it was for the best. The whole time we were there he wanted to be held by either me or Ryan. Look at him in his baby scrubs!

This is right after he came out of being under. He was so out of it. He is awake in the picture and talking but he kept his eyes closed. I am so grateful for Dr. Kim who preformed the surgery. He did a wonderful job and took care of our little boy. It is amazing and a blessing the things dr can do now.
After we got home, he was not himself that entire day. He just wanted to be held. At one point he climbed up on the couch next to Ryan and laid next to him. However the next day he woke up happy running around, jumping off things, you would never know he had surgery.

Easter 2010
This Easter was so fun because he was old enough to be a part of the Easter egg hunt. I had Easter egg hunts around our house for like a month before Easter and loved it. It now a month after and some days we still do egg hunts. Anything to entertain! These pictures are of the Egg hunt we had with our ward. He does not have a cute basket because the kids were only allowed to take home 12 eggs each and I knew that if I had a carton that could only hold 12 eggs I would not have a screaming child wondering why he could not find more eggs. Once he filled it he was so excited and lets admit I was too.


angie and tyler said...

Is he doing ok now? I can't imagine how hard it was for you.

Jenny Stoker said...

I'm glad that everything went well. It is hard when your little ones have to go through something like that. Trust me I know. Your posts are cute! I love seeing them! Keep them comin! Looks like you guys are having a great time! We love and miss you!

Alex said...

Hey I'm on your blog! I love all the pictures of everything. :)

Cheryl said...

Hi Guys!
So we accidentally deleted our blog so we had to set up a new one. The new one is

We miss you guys!